Past Wednesday Lectures

October 29, 2003
Kerry Bloom - University of North Carolina
Mechanisms of Chromosome Segregation
October 15, 2003
David Ish-Horowicz - Cancer Research UK
Taking the A(pical) Train: Mechanisms and Specificity of RNA Trafficking in Drosophila
October 1, 2003
Elizabeth Robertson - Harvard University
Making Heads and Tails of the Early Embryo: TGFPathways Regulating Axis Formation in the Mouse
September 25, 2003
Janet Heasman - Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
What my Mother Told Me: Maternal Control of Early Xenopus Development
September 24, 2003
Christopher Wylie - Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Research Foundation
Germ Cells
September 17, 2003
Philip Needleman - Washington University
COX2 Inhibitors: From Discovery to Inflammation and Cancer
September 10, 2003
Nouria Hernandez - Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
CK2 Regulation of Human RNA Polymerase III Transcription in a Well-Defined in vitro Transcription System
September 3, 2003
Christopher Burge - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Bioinformatics of MicroRNAs
May 28, 2003
Mark Krasnow - Stanford University
Genetic Dissection of Branching Morphogenesis
May 22, 2003
Neal Copeland - National Cancer Institute
Retroviral Tagging Provides a Potent Cancer Gene Discovery Tool in the Post-genome Era