Custom Protein Resources

The Custom Protein Resources team produces a variety of protein-based products that support research at the Institute.

Research Services 

Custom Protein Resources (CPR) is a collaborative research support service that enables researchers to isolate and develop protein-based reagents to propel their research. The CPR Team strives to produce high-quality reagents and collaborate closely with each researcher to validate those reagents in their specific experimental system. The CPR Team can design, express, and isolate a wide variety of proteins from prokaryotic and eukaryotic expression systems and screen for novel reagents such as nanobodies. The team provides protein assay design expertise and access to protein analysis instrumentation.

  • ÄKTA Start protein purification system
  • ÄKTA Go protein purification system
  • Sartoris Octet R4 Biolayer Interferometry (BLI) Instrument

Special Methods

  • Protein engineering
  • Protein expression and purification
  • Protein-based assay design
  • Nanobody screening and validation
  • Kinetic analysis of protein interactions
Team Contact 
William Bret Redwine, PhD
Head, Custom Protein Resources

Bret Redwine began his scientific training at the University of Missouri-Columbia, where he obtained a BS in biochemistry in 2001. After volunteering for two years with the Peace Corps, he spent another two years as a research technician in the lab of former Stowers Investigators Joan and Ron Conaway until a move to the Harvard Medical School, where he received a PhD in biological and biomedical sciences in 2012. Mentored jointly by graduate advisors Samara Reck-Peterson, PhD, and Andres Leschziner, PhD, Redwine utilized cryo-EM and single-molecule approaches to understand the structural basis for dynein motility. His postdoctoral fellowship training continued in the lab of Reck-Peterson, where he developed a close collaboration with the Stowers Proteomics team. Using novel proteomics tools to explore the protein-protein interaction networks of cytoplasmic dynein, he uncovered an entirely new family of dynein activators. He returned to the Institute as a research scientist in 2018. With his experience and expertise, he initiated a research project that led to the creation of a new research support group and his appointment as head of Custom Protein Resources.

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