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Predoctoral Researchers

Predoctoral researchers at GSSIMR arrive to the Stowers Institute as talented young scientists. The exceptional, high-impact research environment and close-knit, supportive community creates an ideal environment for scientific growth. Predoctoral reseachers in the program are tasked with identifying significant biological problems and are primarily devoted to conducting laboratory research and publishing of their work in well recognized journals.


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Danielson Baia Amaral

Federal University of Pará

Tatiana Gaitan Escudero

University of Antioquia

Sarah Gilmour

Hendrix College

Kuan-Chih Peng

National Yang-Ming University

John Rojas Pino

National University of San Marcos

Gabriel da Silva Pescador

Federal University of Santa Catarina


Kaelan Brennan

Purdue University
Zeitlinger Lab

Luciana Castellano

National University of General San Martin
Bazzini Lab

Aubrey Kent

William Jewell College
Sánchez Alvarado Lab

Yue Liang

Wuhan University
Zeitlinger Lab

Emma Moore

University of Houston
Trainor Lab

Sajjita Saha

Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Kolkata
Jaspersen Lab


Sharien Fitriasari

University of Missouri
Trainor Lab

Rahul Garg

Indian Institute of Technology
Yu Lab

Paloma I. Meneses Giles

National Autonomous University of Mexico
Piotrowski Lab

Julia Peloggia

University of São Paulo
Piotrowski Lab

Raktim Roy

Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research
Si Lab

Kai Zhang

University of Science and Technology of China
Si Lab

Ruohan Zhong

Zhejiang University
Gibson Lab


José (Fibo) López Hernández

Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute (CINVESTAV) National Autonomous University of Mexico
Zanders Lab

Augusto Ortega Granillo

National Autonomous University of Mexico
Sánchez Alvarado Lab

Alejandro (Alex) Rodríguez Gama

National Autonomous University of Mexico
Halfmann Lab

Wei-Ting Yueh

National Taiwan University
Gerton Lab


María Bravo Núñez

National Autonomous University of Mexico
Zanders Lab
Thesis: Characterization of diverged meiotic drivers in fission yeast

Viraj Doddihal

Indian Institute of Science Education and Research
Sánchez Alvarado Lab
Thesis: Protein dynamics in planarian regeneration

Cassandra Kempf

University of Missouri
Washburn Lab
Thesis: Characterization of protein-protein interaction networks in the Sin3/histone deacetylase (HDAC) complex

Nicole Nuckolls

Rockhurst University
Zanders Lab
Thesis: Evolution and mechanisms of meiotic drive in fission yeast

Kyle Patton

Wheaton College
Si Lab
Thesis: The role of protein chaperones in persistence or decay of memory

Irina Pushel

Michigan State University
Krumlauf Lab
Thesis: Characterizing the roles Hox genes play in the gene regulatory network (GRN) controlling mouse cranial neural crest cell formation, migration, and differentiation

Jelly Soffers

Maastricht University
Workman Lab
Thesis: The sum of its parts is greater than the whole: distinct roles for enzymatic submodules of SAGA chromatin-modifying complex in Drosophila tRNA gene expression


Cheng-Yi Chen

National Taiwan University in Taipei
Gibson Lab
Thesis: Germline development and adult gonad niche of Cnidarian sea anemone, Nematostella vectensis

Matthew Christenson

University of Nebraska Omaha
Si Lab

Gerald Dayebga Doh

University of Yaoundé I
Washburn Lab
Thesis: Biochemical and proteomic analysis of novel histone-interacting proteins

Darrick Hansen

University of Glasgow
Li Lab
Thesis: Characterization of the stem cells dedicated to regenerating the intestinal epithelium

Shuonan He

Peking University in Beijing
Gibson Lab
Thesis: Functional analysis of Hox genes in the starlet sea anemone, Nematostella vectensis

Yanfeng He

China Agricultural University
Conaway Lab
Thesis: Mechanisms of transcriptional regulation by enhancers

Ahmet Can Karabulut

University of Cincinnati
Gibson Lab
Thesis: Genetic and chemical-genetic dissection of embryonic cell division in the sea anemone, Nematostella vectensis

Xingyu Liu

University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei
Washburn Lab / Workman Lab
Thesis: Chromatin Binding and DNA damage repair

Karla Terrazas-Falcon

University of Texas at San Antonio
Trainor Lab
Thesis: Investigating the tissue-specific roles of Tcof1, Polr1c and Polr1d during ribosome biogenesis


Elisabeth Bauerly

University of Kansas, Lawrence
Gibson Lab
Thesis: The role of dyneins in Drosophila imaginal disc development

Zachary Lee

Rockhurst University
Gibson Lab
Thesis: Phosphorylation dynamics during epithelial cell division


Soon Keat Ooi

National University of Malaysia, Bangi
Conaway Lab
Thesis: Structure-function analysis of the human INO80 chromatin remodeling complex