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Predoctoral Researchers

Supportive community creates scientific leaders

Predocs arrive as talented developing scientists and our exceptional research community provides an ideal environment for scientific growth.

Why Stowers?

Stowers Graduate School alumna Nicole Nuckolls shares her experience at Stowers. Nicole is now Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Colorado - Denver.

2023 Predoc Class

Meet the new class of predoctoral researchers here..

Predoctoral Researchers


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Achieving great success

Alumni of the Graduate School are achieving great success in the field of biology around the world as they pursue careers in academia, research, and industry. Alumni stay in touch with the Graduate School in several ways including a periodic alumni satisfaction survey. The Grad School tracks alumni outcomes, including postdoctoral career placements, publications post-graduation, self-reported career paths, and feedback on preparation. This information is used to indicate the health and success of the program.

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