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Supporting the scientific spirit of transparency, the Stowers Institute for Medical Research makes the data underlying its scientific publications freely accessible to the scientific community. Access to original, unprocessed data allows other scientists to validate and extend findings made by Stowers researchers.


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Swi/Snf dynamics on stress-responsive genes is governed by competitive bromodomain interactions.

Dutta A, Gogol M, Kim JH, Smolle M, Venkatesh S, Gilmore J, Florens L, Washburn MP, Workman JL. Genes Dev. 2014;29:2314-2330.

Phosphorylation by Casein Kinase 2 Facilitates Psh1 Protein-assisted Degradation of Cse4 Protein.

Hewawasam GS, Mattingly M, Venkatesh S, Zhang Y, Florens L, Workman JL, Gerton JL. J Biol Chem. 2014;289:29297-29309.

Suberoylanilide Hydroxamic Acid (SAHA)-Induced Dynamics of a Human Histone Deacetylase Protein Interaction Network.

Sardiu ME, Smith KT, Groppe BD, Gilmore JM, Saraf A, Egidy R, Peak A, Seidel CW, Florens L, Workman JL, Washburn MP. Mol Cell Proteomics. 2014;13:3114-3125.

Nucleosome remodeling by the SWI/SNF complex is enhanced by yeast High Mobility Group Box (HMGB) proteins.

Hepp MI, Alarcon V, Dutta A, Workman JL, Gutierrez JL. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2014;1839:764-772.

Loss of Drosophila Ataxin-7, a SAGA subunit, reduces H2B ubiquitination and leads to neural and retinal degeneration.

Mohan RD, Dialynas G, Weake VM, Liu J, Martin-Brown S, Florens L, Washburn MP, Workman JL, Abmayr SM. Genes Dev. 2014;28:259-272.

RNA-dependent dynamic histone acetylation regulates MCL1 alternative splicing.

Khan DH, Gonzalez C, Cooper C, Sun JM, Chen HY, Healy S, Xu W, Smith KT, Workman JL, Leygue E, Davie JR. Nucleic Acids Res. 2013.

Acetylation regulates Jun protein turnover in Drosophila.

Zhang D, Suganuma T, Workman JL. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2013;1829:1218-1224.

Quantitative Proteomics Demonstrates That the RNA Polymerase II Subunits Rpb4 and Rpb7 Dissociate during Transcriptional Elongation.

Mosley AL, Hunter GO, Sardiu ME, Smolle M, Workman JL, Florens L, Washburn MP. Mol Cell Proteomics. 2013;12:1530-1538.

Human Family with Sequence Similarity 60 Member A (FAM60A) Protein: a New Subunit of the Sin3 Deacetylase Complex.

Smith KT, Sardiu ME, Martin-Brown SA, Seidel C, Mushegian A, Egidy R, Florens L, Washburn MP, Workman JL. Mol Cell Proteomics. 2012;11:1815-1828.

Chromatin remodelers Isw1 and Chd1 maintain chromatin structure during transcription by preventing histone exchange.

Smolle M, Venkatesh S, Gogol MM, Li H, Zhang Y, Florens L, Washburn MP, Workman JL. Nat Stuct Mol Biol. 2012;19:884-892.

Set2 methylation of histone H3 lysine36 suppresses histone exchange on transcribed genes.

Venkatesh S, Smolle M, Li H, Gogol MM, Saint M, Kumar S, Natarajan K, Workman JL. Nature  2012;489:452-455.

Acetylation of the SUN protein Mps3 by Eco1 regulates its function in nuclear organization.

Ghosh S, Gardner JM, Smoyer CJ, Friederichs JM, Unruh JR, Slaughter BD, Alexander R, Chisholm RD, Lee KK, Workman JL, Jaspersen SL. Mol Biol Cell. 2012;23:2546-2559.

Characterization of a highly conserved histone related protein, ydl156w, and its functional associations using quantitative proteomic analyses.

Gilmore JM, Sardiu ME, Venkatesh S, Stutzman B, Peak A, Seidel CW, Workman JL, Florens L, Washburn MP. Mol Cell Proteomics. 2012;11:M111 011544.

Human CCAAT/Enhancer-Binding Protein beta Interacts with Chromatin Remodeling Complexes of the Imitation Switch Subfamily.

Steinberg XP, Hepp MI, Fernandez Garcia Y, Suganuma T, Swanson SK, Washburn M, Workman JL, Gutierrez JL. Biochemistry. 2012;51:952-962.

A metazoan ATAC acetyltransferase subunit that regulates MAP kinase signaling is related to an ancient molybdopterin synthase component.

Suganuma T, Mushegian A, Swanson SK, Florens L, Washburn MP, Workman JL. Mol Cell Proteomics. 2012;11:90-99.

Histone density is maintained during nucleosomal transcription mediated by RSC and NAP1 in vitro.

Kuryan BG, Kim J, Tran NNH, Lombardo SR, Venkatesh S, Workman JL, Carey M. PNAS. 2012;109:1931-1936.

Structure and nucleosome interaction of the yeast NuA4 and Piccolo-NuA4 histone acetyltransferase complexes.

Chittuluru JR, Chaban Y, Monnet-Saksouk J, Carrozza MJ, Sapountzi V, Selleck W, Huang J, Utley RT, Cramet M, Allard S, Cai G, Workman JL, Fried MG, Tan S, Cote J, Asturias FJ. Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2011;18:1196-1203.

Post-transcription initiation function of the ubiquitous SAGA complex in tissue-specific gene activation.

Weake VM, Dyer JO, Seidel C, Box A, Swanson SK, Peak A, Florens L, Washburn MP, Abmayr SM, Workman JL. Genes Dev. 2011;25:1499-1509.

Combinatorial depletion analysis to assemble the network architecture of the SAGA and ADA chromatin remodeling complexes.

Lee KK, Sardiu ME, Swanson SK, Gilmore JM, Torok M, Grant PA, Florens L, Workman JL, Washburn MP. Mol Syst Biol. 2011;7:503.

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Transcription-associated histone modifications and cryptic transcription.

Smolle M, Workman JL. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2013;1829:84-97.

Nucleosome Positioning: Multiple Mechanisms toward a Unifying Goal.

Dutta A, Workman JL. [published ahead of print October 16 2012]. Mol Cell. 2012;48:1-2.

Holding on through DNA Replication: Histone Modification or Modifier?

Abmayr SM, Workman JL. Cell. 2012;150:875-877.

Chromatin proteins: key responders to stress.

Smith KT, Workman JL. PLoS Biol. 2012;10:e1001371.

MAP kinases and histone modification.

Suganuma T, Workman JL. J Mol Cell Biol. 2012;4:348-350.

SAGA function in tissue-specific gene expression.

Weake VM, Workman JL. Trends Cell Biol. 2012;22:177-184.

A role for Snf2-related nucleosome-spacing enzymes in genome-wide nucleosome organization.

Gkikopoulos T, Schofield P, Singh V, Pinskaya M, Mellor J, Smolle M, Workman JL, Barton GJ, Owen-Hughes T. Science. 2011;333:1758-1760.

Signaling through Chromatin: Setting the Scene at Kinetochores.

Smolle M, Workman JL. Cell. 2011;146:671-672.

Signals and combinatorial functions of histone modifications.

Suganuma T, Workman JL. Annu Rev Biochem. 2011;80:473-499.

Readers of histone modifications.

Yun M, Wu J, Workman JL, Li B. Cell Res. 2011;21:564-578.

HP1c casts light on dark matter.

Kwon SH, Workman JL. Cell Cycle. 2011;10:625-630.

The proteasome and its regulatory roles in gene expression.

Kwak J, Workman JL, Lee D. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2011;1809:88-96.

Features of the PHF8/KIAA1718 histone demethylase.

Suganuma T, Workman JL. Cell Res. 2010;20:861-862.

Inducible gene expression: diverse regulatory mechanisms.

Weake VM, Workman JL. Nat Rev Genet. 2010;11:426-437.

Histone acetylation in heterochromatin assembly.

Kim JH, Workman JL. Genes Dev. 2010;24:738-740.

Rere controls retinoic acid signalling and somite bilateral symmetry.

Vilhais-Neto GC, Maruhashi M, Smith KT, Vasseur-Cognet M, Peterson AS, Workman JL, Pourquie O. Nature. 2010;463:953-957.

WD40 repeats arrange histone tails for spreading of silencing.

Suganuma T, Workman JL. J Mol Cell Biol. 2010;2:81-83.

Introducing the acetylome.

Smith KT, Workman JL. Nat Biotechnol. 2009;27:917-919.

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