Stowers research focuses on foundational biomedical research in organisms, tissues, and cells to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying human health and disease.



Although our researchers do not concentrate directly on developing new drugs or treating patients, discoveries resulting from studying fundamental processes of life frequently prove to be major milestones along the path toward novel therapies and cures.

On the surface, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, cardiac disease, and birth defects have little in common, yet they are all caused by abnormalities in fundamental cellular and molecular processes. 

Stowers investigators seek to discover how specific genes and proteins are expressed and controlled by factors both external and internal to the organism. They analyze how these molecules control virtually all biological processes, from cell division to cell differentiation, from processing smells to storing fat, and from generating memories to regenerating missing body parts.

Ultimately, the resulting insights into the highly dynamic processes that control all cellular and physiological functions will translate into innovative approaches and strategies to prevent illness and disease.


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